Valero Award

The Valero award is in honor of one of the founding members of the TXMX Cup. R.I.P.  Robert Valero had a true passion for junior golf.  He had a vision to start a tournament to help juniors achieve their goals and play against other top talented golfers.  He started the tournament with Polo Lopez and they recruited some juniors to play a ryder cup style tournament.  This event now has over 120 players starting from 7u to 18 yrs old boys/girls.  This tournament brings the competitive and joy of competition to junior golf.

This award is for one TX and one MX player each year that shows true sportsmanship on and off the course during the tournament.  A player that picks up their teammate and opposing players when their down or gives a high five when they make a birdie.  The award will be presented at the end of the tournament.   

2023 MX award

2023 TX Award

2022 MX award

Award presented by Chris Valero

2022 TX Award

Award presented by Victoria Valero and Chris Valero.