Event Rules

PACE OF PLAY: A player will have 45 seconds to play his/her next stroke after he/she has identified the ball and it is his/her turn to play. First Offense: Warning; Second and Subsequent Offenses: Loss of Hole

TWO BALL RULE: There is no “two ball” rule in match play.  The player should play the ball as he/she believes is the right way and the opponent can “make a claim” as to the wrong procedure and the hole can be lost if the player proceeded incorrectly.  The Decisions on The Rules of Golf”states the Rule 3-3 specifically restricts the play of a second ball to stroke play. Decision 33-8/3

TEE-TIMES: Day 1 and 3 will be split tees off Number One #1 and #10 tee boxes. Day 2 will be progressive off #1 tee box.

TIME OF STARTING: All competitors must be present and ready to play at the assigned tee time. If a player arrives at his/her starting point, ready to play, within five minutes after his/her starting time, the penalty for failing to start on time is loss of hole.

FAIRWAYS AND PARENTS/SPECTATORS:Parents/spectators may not walk onto the fairway of any hole during the play of any hole, except at the putting green where they may observe from a distance of 10 yards off the green (they may NOT go onto the putting surface). Between the green and teeing ground of the next hole parents may pass water and snacks to players.  Parents/spectators may assist in looking for a lost ball.

SCORING: Parents are not official scorers for any hole or round except when appointed by the Committee to score a group. The Players and Caddies are the only official scorers during tournament play. Groups will be assigned Official Scorers if there is the appearance of improper scoring.

CONDUCT: Unbecoming behavior by a player (including breaking of clubs in anger) or use of abusive or profane language will not be tolerated and the player will be disqualified from the current match only.

ATTIRE:  Appropriate attire will be worn during the competition. Shirts must have collars. Cutoffs; short shorts, and jeans are not permitted.

MEASURING DEVICES: GPS (Global Positioning System) or other measuring devices are allowed.

RULES OFFICIALS:  Rules’ Official will be on the course.  They will be identified by markings on their cart and will have a radio. Do not ask volunteers or spectators for rulings. Volunteers and spectators are not authorized to make rulings or provide advice. 

CADDIES:  Caddies are allowed for all age groups.  Players are responsible for the actions of their caddies.  Only one caddie is allowed per player.  Caddies need to limit pre-shot discussion to a minimum.  If carts are restricted to “cart path only” due to weather, caddies will need to keep up the pace of play.  Please Note:  Caddies can ride in a cart and carry the player’s clubs.  Two caddies for two separate players can share a cart.  However, ONLY caddies can ride in the cart.  Players and other spectators cannot ride in the same cart as the caddie.  Doing so constitutes having more than one caddy.  Spectators who wish to ride in a cart will need to rent a separate cart for their use.

BAD WEATHER:  In case of bad weather, we will sound a siren to suspend play.  When the horn sounds, you must discontinue play immediately (do not attempt to finish the hole), mark your ball, and immediately return to clubhouse.

TRANSPORTING PLAYERS: All players may be transported between holes. Spectators are encouraged to help transport players between holes.